BRETT YOUNG: Wants to Be Like Dad

Brett Young is engaged, but he isn’t quite ready to be a dad just yet. But when the time does come, he hopes to be like his own father.

“I think the older I get, the more I 100% turn into my dad. I get told all the time that I look just like him, but also, you know, those little quirks and character traits that probably as a kid you gave your dad a hard time for, you start to see yourself doing those things. And again, just like with my mom, I think my dad’s somebody I look up to and one of the best people I know. So if it is my fate to become the same quirky person that my dad is, I’ll be happy with it.”

Brett will say “I do” this fall.

  • Brett’s dad isn’t going to officiate his son’s wedding, but he will pronounce the happy couple “man and wife.”
  • Brett says he would love to be a dad some day. Judging by how nice he is, I bet he’d be a great dad.
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