10:34pm EDT, 10/31/14
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Shaylee Chuckulnaskit was the fourth person to die in the shooting.
Residents of North Texas town of Denton deciding whether to ban new permits on fracking
Hospital: Girl, 14, dies of injuries from Washington school shooting; 4th death
Kentucky man charged with killing parents, sister, acquaintance, 5 days after victims found
Sharpton calls for federal prosecution in Ferguson police shooting, condemns grand jury leaks
San Diego judge awards $13.5 million in Jehovah's Witnesses molestation lawsuit
Mexican judge orders immediate release of jailed US Marine veteran with PTSD
88-year-old central Missouri man charged with murder in stabbing death of wife
Ohio man detained in North Korea says he left Bible in hopes of aiding 'underground' church
Halloween saved in besieged town after fugitive's arrest; police hand out candy to show thanks
Superheroes meet hazmat suits as NYC Halloween parade unfolds amid Ebola crisis
20 foot waves make it all the way to the highway on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.
Virgin Galactic Spaceship Crashes, Accused Cop Killer Arraigned, 18 Miners Trapped In Turkey
Eric Frein eluded captured for 48 days in Pennsylvania.
Camryn Wood was driving with her father when she called 911 in response to an Amber Alert.
Eastern Pennsylvania residents relieved after 48-day manhunt ends.
Investigators will try to enter damaged building today.
An explanation of why we do what we do two times every year.
Army of law enforcement officers surround suspect as he's walked into Pennsylvania Courthouse.
Eric Harroun's dad speaks out; Attorney General Eric Holder expresses concern over foreign fighters
Libyan Military Clash With ISIS, Lava Melts Away Hawaiian Property, Ebola Quarantined Nurse Takes A Spin, National Candy Corn Day.
Catcall Victims Fight Back Against Street Harassment; Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Undergoes Eye Color Surgery
Plane crash at Wichita airport kills at least 4, including the pilot; Kaci Hickox and the state of Maine in a deadlock.
Giants Defeat Royals, Win World Series; Victoria's Secret Ad Campaign Draws Backlash
Guests: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Matthew Olsen, Bill Richardson, Adam Kinzinger, Kristen Soltis Anderson, LZ Granderson
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