02:21am EST, 03/02/15
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A Los Angeles police officer shot and killed a man during a confrontation in the city's Skid Row area Sunday, in an incident that was caught on video.
Snow and freezing rain disrupted weekend plains from the Midwest to Northeast.
From John Kerry on Netanyahu's visit to a controversial "SNL" skit.
Grainy video broadcast on government-controlled TV in Russia.
Driver and passenger found safe, but but dog was dead in truck.
She was last seen nearly four years ago.
Police: two killed in crash that was "result of an illegal street race."
Cameron Witsman, who was born with a lung defect, became an honorary firefighter on Friday in Eustis, Florida, a town about one hour northwest of Orlando.
The notorious outlaw has never been officially declared dead, but that could soon change.
Another snowstorm is on the way for Boston and much of the Northeast.
Winter of heavy ice slows businesses and traffic on Northeast's waterways
Underground 'body sculptor' at murder trial says thousands chose her; testimony to continue
No injuries as train hits empty car in Southern California days after more serious crash
Ohio Amish to be resentenced after hate-crime convictions are overturned
Los Angeles police shoot, kill man after struggle on Skid Row sidewalk captured on video
New snow not enough to push Boston to season record; snow, freezing rain around country
Long commutes to low-paying work: Dearth of jobs a barrier to post-bankruptcy Detroit's growth
Preliminary hearing to begin for Missouri man accused of killing 3 at Kansas Jewish sites
AP EXPLAINS: The US Supreme Court case that could derail Obama's prized health care overhaul
Joe Kern celebrates his daughter???s birthday with the return to Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Claude Bratcher gets a joyride on a sled pulled by a four-wheeler.
Crash took place when the highway patrolman was assisting a driver on the side of the road.
Joseph Jessy Aldridge is suspected of gunning down seven people in southern Missouri before killing himself.
Neighbors and a California state senator are asking the resident to remove the "vulgar" display.
9 dead, shooter went home-to-home.
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