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Hi everyone, it's Wild Bill I have been in Country Radio for the past 12 years.  I've worked up and down the dial all over the country from South Dakota, Vermont, Michigan, Indiana to Minnesota.  I've worked mornings on Z-94 back in 2004 and then took a morning show job in Columbus GA in 2005.  I worked for Country station WKCN and stayed there for 2 years.  I married my lovely wife Marilyn just over the Georgia border.  Marilyn is from a little town called Smith Station, Alabama. I also became good friends with Alan Dupriest in Columbus GA while working with him in radio.   I did the unthinkable, I left the south and moved to Mankato Minnesota and worked for country station KYSM for 4 years.  My daughter Emma Elizabeth was born in Minnesota in 2008 and she is the love of our lives.  It sure is nice to be back home in Georgia being close to Family and friends.  I look forward to meeting and reconnecting with all of you!  

Posts from July 2012

Where do I vote in GA's Primary election tomorrow?


Tuesday is your last chance to cast a vote in Georgia's primary election! Electoral districts have been redrawn and your polling place and candidates may be unfamiliar to you.  Visit "My Voter Page" on the Georgia Secretary of State's website to find your polling location and to generate a sample ballot.  Polls will be open from 7 am  - 7pm on July 31st.  Photo ID requirements are in effect.  

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Interview w/ Lisa Belkov Snyder on the Summer Olympics


My interview w/ Lisa-Belkov Snyder National Sports Commentator and Radio Host to discuss what we can expect from the Summer Olympics
starting  tonight's (7/27/12) opening Ceremony on NBC 4pm Eastern


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Allmendinger fails 2nd drug test

AJ Allmendinger has been indefinitely suspended by NASCAR after his 'B' sample has confirmed his positive test for a stimulant.



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Penn State sanctions: $60M, bowl ban
The NCAA has hit Penn State with a $60 million sanction, a four-year football postseason ban and a vacation of all wins dating to 1998, the organization said Monday morning.


NCAA President Mark Emmert delivers his State of the Association speech during the annual convention in Indianapolis.


WILD BILL'S COMMENTS:  Does Penn State derserve what they got? ***Post comments below***

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Interview w/ Gilmer County GOP Chairman on TSPLOST


My interview w/ Gilmer County GOP Chairman exposes TSPLOST for what it really is.  

Take a listen to my interview and also here are some helpful links regarding TSPLOST:





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MASS MURDER: Dark Knight Disaster in Denver
Shamecca Davis hugs her son Isaiah Bow, who was an eye witness to the shooting, outside Gateway High School where witness were brought for questioning. After leaving the theater Bow went back in to find his girlfriend. " I didn't want to leave her in there. But she's ok now," Bow said. (AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez)


A lone gunman dressed in riot gear burst into a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., at a midnight showing of the Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises" and methodically began shooting patrons, killing at least 12 people and injuring at least 50.


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Tracy Byrd and wife in nasty car crash
Tracy Byrd and his wife Michele are recovering from injuries sustained in a two-car accident in Texas yesterday afternoon (Tuesday). According to south Texas'sKIII-TV, another driver failed to yield at a right of way, turning in front of the Byrds' SUV. None of the injuries are life-threatening, but Michele did undergo two surgeries on her foot.
Tracy Byrds Excursion Photo 0718 TR
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Interview w/ John Whitehead from the Rutherford Institute

My interview w/ John Whitehead from The Rutherford Institute He is the attorney representing Pastor Salmon the man from Pheonix Arizona who was arrested and put in prison for having a Bible Study.  Take a listen to the interview and watch the video showing moments before Pastor Michael Salmon was arrested and taken away. 


This is video showing moments before Pastor Michael Salmon was taken away by authorities.  If your a Christian you need to share this video with as many people as you can.  This should send shockwaves through the Christian community and if you love this country you should know that the First Amendment to the Constitution took a major blow this month!





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Pastor in Jail for having a Bible study in his home

Pastor  Salmon arrested for having Bible study in his home in Phoenix AZ.  This is video of the last 15 moments before he's arrested.  This should send shockwaves through the Christian community and if your a patriotic American the First Amendment took a huge hit this week.  Please share this video with as many people as you can.  Please post comments below!

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First 3 Georgia Games Televised



Athens – Fans will be able to catch Georgia’s first three games of the season on television.

That was the news that emerged Monday with the SEC’s release of the league-wide TV schedule. It was uncertain where television might fit in with two of the Bulldogs’ first three games being against Buffalo and Florida Atlantic.

  • The SEC Network picked up Georgia’s Sept 1 opener against Buffalo and has set the kickoff for 12:21 p.m.;
  • ESPN2 will carry the highly-anticipated opener against SEC newbie Missouri at 7:45 p.m. on Sept. 8;
  • Comcast Sports Southeast (CSS) will televise the Bulldogs’ Sept. 15 tilt against FAU at 7:30 p.m.

The first three games of the 2012 Georgia football season will be televised by the SEC Network, ESPN2, and CSS according to a league-wide scheduled released Monday by the Southeastern Conference office.

Georgia already knows its Oct. 27 game with Florida in Jacksonville will be televised by CBS at 3:30 p.m., as usual. The other games will be determined the SEC’s 12 days in advance procedure.

The Bulldogs announced this past weekend that they have sold out of season tickets for the 2012 season. Only singles remain for the home games against Buffalo and FAU.

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Redneck Fireworks Display
Wild home made fireworks display coming out of Alabama! 
Post your comments below!

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Interview with Dan Spencer from RedState.com


Dan Spencer is a contributor to the website RedState.com.  His recent article, "Romney extends lead among Independents to 14 percent" sheds a ton of light on polling and blowing up this notion that Romney and Obama are in a dead heat.  

Take a listen to the audio and post your comments below!


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Interview with Author Paul Antinori

My interview with Paul Antinori author of the book "Convention: To Resurrect the US Constitution"

We discussed the future of this country and Obamacare. Listen to the interview and post your comments below. 

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Interview with Lisa Belkov-Snyder

AJ Allmendinger did not pass a random drug test.  I interviewed National Sports Radio Commentator Lisa Belkov-Snyder to give us the latest on this story and what it means for his career.  


Lots of reaction about "performance enhancers" when it comes to AJ Allmendinger.  Take a listen to the calls and post a comment on our comments thread!  

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Little League Parent Brawl in Columbus, GA



WILD BILL COMMENTS: I belive Alan Dupriests' ex wife may be in this brawl.



Columbus, GA - A fight that erupted Friday after Northern Little League defeated Harris County at Britt David Park was embarrassing to players and the city of Columbus, league officials said Saturday.

By the time police separated the crowds and cooler heads prevailed, a fan supporting Northern and another supporting Harris County were each charged with one count each of disorderly conduct in the 7:30 p.m. clash.  Charles Davidson, 38, of Midland and Iram King, 36, of Cataula were ordered to appear in Columbus Recorder's Court for a 2 p.m. Aug. 16 hearing.

"It's about the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in Little League in all the years I've been doing it," said Bernard Ashley, Little League District 8 Administrator who has supported the league for 35 years.

Rick Chadwick, president of Pioneer Little League and host of the District 8 All-Star Tournament, said parents need to grow up and have some respect for the players.

"It's very embarrassing not only to each of those leagues but the whole city of Columbus," Chadwick said. "You got kids trying to show their parents how to respect each other."

In a report on the dispute, police said Davidson was was playing loud music near the right field fence after Northern won the game. That's when a woman identified as Rose King and Iram King came over and she demanded that Davidson turn down the music. Chadwick said some teams bring their music to play between innings, before the game or after the game.

"It gives it a little better atmosphere," he said. "From my understanding that is what caused it all."

Police said Davidson turned down the music, but words were exchanged about the players. Iram King started to walk toward Davidson when he said, "What do you want," or "Why are you walking over here."

A witness said Iram King told Davidson,"I'm here to f... you up." 

Davidson's reply was, "Well, here I am," before police said the men tussled.

Ashley said he saw a little more than a tussle. "I seen a few punches throwed and mainly all I could see was a lot of pushing and shoving and wrestling," he said.

Ashley said he recognized Davidson as a Northern fan. "He has been to just about every game" he said.

Part of the fight was captured on video. Chadwick said he was ready to hand out medals for the runner-up and champion when the fight started. "By the time I go out there, that's when all the police came," he said. "I was trying to break it up. All I was trying to do is separate them so we don't embarrass the kids any more."

To prevent similar incidents in the future, Ashley said the suspects should be barred from Little League games.

"They ought to be barred from all the Little League youth sports," he said

Read more here: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2012/07/07/2112997/fight-at-britt-david-park-embarrassing.html#storylink=cpy


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Interview w/ Malcolm Out Loud

My interview w/ Malcolm Out Loud of Malcolm Out Loud TV!
We discussed the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare and what happens next!


Check out his newsletter Malcolmoutloud.tv and take a listen to the interview!  Post your comments below! 

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Gator gets object lodged in tooth
DNR officers observed this alligator near King's Ferry June 9. It eventually freed itself from the float. Photo courtesy Georgia DNR


****post your korny Floirda Gator jokes below**

Last month, Georgia Department of Natural Resources law enforcement officers observed a 9-foot alligator with unlikely prey still stuck in its teeth — a square, white flotation device.

Sgt. James Shelton and Cpl. Jay Morgan were patrolling the Ogeechee River above and below King’s Ferry ramp on June 9, checking boaters and fishermen when they spotted the 9-foot alligator with a seat-cushion-type, throwable life jacket stuck in its mouth. When the alligator submerged, the cushion brought it back to the surface.

“After approaching the alligator, the alligator submerged several more times and the personal flotation device eventually broke free of the alligator’s teeth,” the officers’ report stated.



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Andy Griffith dies at age 86

WILD BILL COMMENTS:  Andy Griffith was an America icon and will be missed!  Seeing Andy Griffith and Don Knotts act together on the "Andy Griffith Show" brought lots of laughs to our family.  Good Bye Andy we will miss you!  What do you remember most about Andy Griffith?  What was your favorite episode of the Andy Griffith Show.

Former UNC President Bill Friday says Andy Griffith died this morning in Dare County. Friday, who is a close friend of the actor, confirmed that to WITN News.

Friday tells us the 86-year-old actor died at his Dare County home around 7:00 a.m. this morning.

Griffith was born in Mount Airy, and is most known for his television role as "Andy Taylor" from 1960 to 1968.

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Crowell gets the boot from UGA
Georgia tailback Isaiah Crowell, who rushed for 850 yards as a freshman last season, was expected to start for the Bulldogs this fall.



Georgia TB Isaiah Crowell dismissed after weapons arrest


COMMENTS FROM WILD BILL:   I'm glad Coach Richt is taking a stand.  No 3 game suspensions or any other slap on the wrists.  Outright dismissal.  GONE!   While I'm glad he made the right decision, It's sad that a guy so talented as Isaiah has decided to throw his talent down the drain.  Did the Coach make the right decision?  How does this affect the season for the Dawgs?  Will UGA be better with or without Crowell?   



ATHENS – Georgia tailback Isaiah Crowell has been dismissed from the team following his arrest early Friday morning on three weapons charges.

Georgia coach Mark Richt made the announcement in  short news release sent out by UGA Sports Communications at 5 p.m. on Friday.

“We have a dedicated and committed group of men who are working hard to prepare for the coming season,” Richt said. “Our total focus will be directed toward the team and this effort.”

Crowell, a sophomore from Columbus, was booked at 3:37 a.m. on charges of possessing a concealed weapon, having a weapon in a school zone and having an altered ID mark on that weapon. His bond, originally set at $7,500, was raised to $9,500 late Friday morning. According to booking records, Crowell was released early Friday afternoon.

According to the police report, four other Georgia football players were also in Crowell’s vehicle, including three 2012 freshman signees. Those persons were outside linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons, wide receiver Blake Tibbs and defensive back Sheldon Dawson. Also present was sophomore defensive back Quintavius Harrow. None of the four were charged.

According to Athens-Clarke police spokesperson Hilda Sorrow, Crowell was arrested at a “vehicle check-point” — or road block — on East Campus Road at Green Street at 2:20 a.m. Friday. Officer Kathryn Thornton reported smelling the odor of marijuana in Crowell’s silver four-door 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis. Crowell gave consent to search the vehicle, himself and four other  occupants. No marijuana was discovered but a black 9-mm Luger handgun with an altered serial number was found under the driver’s seat. Crowell was immediately arrested and taken to jail.

According to the police report, Crowell denied knowing the gun was in the car and said people drive the vehicle. He. The owner of the vehicle is listed as Crowell’s mother Debbie. The report also indicted that the five were coming from the  nightclub Aftermath, where Crowell said the smell of marijuana originated.

The police report also indicated that Crowell has no criminal history.

Crowell’s mother, Debbie, was clearly distressed when reached by telephone Friday. “I don’t want to talk to a reporter right now,” she said. “”If I want to talk to anybody it’s God.”

Crowell, who came to UGA in 2011 as the No. 1-rated running back prospect in America, was slated to start for the Bulldogs at tailback this season. He rushed for 850 yards and 5 touchdowns as a freshman despite missing playing time due to suspensions and injuries. He was benched for the first quarter of the Vanderbilt game on Oct. 15 as a punishment for an undisclosed disciplinary infraction and he was suspended for the Nov. 5 New Mexico State game, reportedly for failing a drug test.

With Crowell out of the fold, Georgia will turn to redshirt sophomore Ken Malcome and senior Richard Samuel to carry the load early on, along with junior Brandon Harton. The Bulldogs also signed Keith Marshall of Raleigh, N.C. — the top running back prospect in the country, according to 247Sports.com — and four-star prospect Todd Gurley of Tarboro, N.C., to play running back. Marshall enrolled in January.

Marshall and other running backs were offering support for Crowell via Twitter.

“Pray for Isaiah & that he will learn from his mistake,” wrote Marshall from @Truthh4.

Derrick Henry, a highly-touted running back prospect from Florida who once was committed to Georgia, also weighed in via his Twitter account, @KingHenry_2: “Pray for Crowell instead [of] bashing him . . . because everyone wasn’t raised the same. . . . So everyone should just pray he sees a better way”


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