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Mysterious White Flags Removed From Brooklyn Bridge
The mysterious appearance of two large white flags flying over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City this morning has the city scrambling to figure out why they were put there.
Explosion Levels Home in Central Texas; 3 Hurt
Explosion levels house in Central Texas; 2 men, 1 woman suffer burns in the blast
Black Colleges Face Hard Choices on $25M Koch Gift
Koch's $25M donation to United Negro College Fund creates hard choices for struggling HBCUs
Lawsuit Filed Against Gov. Jindal Over Common Core
Lawsuit accuses Gov. Jindal of illegally meddling in Louisiana's use of Common Core standards
Wife's Campaign Asks Strangers to Wish Husband Happy Birthday
Gary Hamilton woke up to his phone buzzing with tweets from strangers.
How an Airbnb Guest Is Staying in an Apartment for Months 'Rent Free'
An Airbnb host has found out the hard way that the legal protections for tenants in some states means that guests could end up staying in their homes rent free for up to three months.
To Fight Crime, Chicago Tries Wiping Away Arrests
In battle against crime, Chicago tries counterintuitive idea: wiping away some arrest records
Bond Insurers Vow to Fight Detroit Financial Plan
Insurers of bonds vow to fight Detroit plan to emerge from bankruptcy
FBI 'Monitoring' NYPD Chokehold Death Case
The FBI is now "monitoring" the investigation into the death of Eric Garner in NYPD custody last week, officials tell ABC news.
Last Body Found in Washington Mudslide
Searchers find last body in Oso, Washington, mudslide while screening debris
Maryland Road Rage Murder Trial Underway
Detective on trial for murder in Maryland road rage case; says he thought family was in danger
Watch: Mysterious White Flags Appear Over Brooklyn Bridge
Police investigate why the two American flags that fly over the iconic New York landmark were replaced.
Watch: NY Mayor Bill De Blasio says 'It Looks Like a Chokehold To Me' In Response To Recent Death
Eric Garner died an hour after New York Police allegedly choked him against code in order to detain him.
Watch: Day in Pictures: 7/21/14
Images from across the globe: Medal of Honor, Palestinians Search for Survivors, Extinguishing Washington Wildfires, Japan Supports Gaza
Watch: Obama Puts Pressure on Russia Over Flight MH17; Gov. Perry Sending National Guard to Texas Border
As Dutch investigators arrive at the MH17 crash site, wildfires continue to rage in Washington State, and Sgt. Ryan J. Pitts receives the Medal of Honor.
Watch: 24-Year-Old Californian Killed in Gaza
American-born Max Steinberg joined the IDF after taking a family trip to Israel in 2012.
Watch: FBI Finds Florida Police Officers Were Also KKK Klansmen
One officer was fired, the other resigned after an FBI investigation uncovered their ties to the Klu Klux Klan.
Watch: Putin Reacts to Criticism Over Downed Malaysia Plane
Russian President Vladimir Putin reacts to criticism about handling of crash site in eastern Ukraine.
Watch: Crash Investigators Face Resistance From Pro-Russia Forces
Ukrainian official says the attack that brought down Malaysia Flight MH17 was planned and executed with help from Russia.
Watch: Father of GM Victim: 'GM Is Not Allowing Me to Protect My Child'
Jay Gass speaks out five months after his daughter died in recalled GM car.
Watch: Obama Calls for MH17 Crash Investigation; Hundreds Flee Wash. Wildfires
As the world presses for answers on the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, tensions rise between Israel and Hamas, and Michelle Obama hosts 2014 Kids' State Dinner.
Full Episode: GMA 7/21: Deadly Wildfire in Washington State Doubles in Size
Death Toll in Gaza Passes 500; Allegations of Unnecessary Force as NY Man Dies After Arrest
Full Episode: World News 7/21: International Inspectors Allowed to Examine Malaysia Air Wreckage
Texas Governor Enlists National Guard to Help With Border Crisis; Weird Al Targets Internet Fans
Full Episode: Nightline 07/21: Colorado Restaurant Staff Proudly Open-Carries Handguns
Openly Carrying Handguns; Flipped Houses; Man Escapes Both Doomed Malaysia Flights
Full Episode: Nightline Prime 7/19: Mega-Church Financial Advisor Accused of $5M Ponzi Scheme
Disability Fraudsters Caught Cheating the System; Make-a-Wish Phone Scam Targets Elderly

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