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Will 'Slender Man' Suspect Stand Trial?
One of two Wisconsin girls accused of allegedly stabbing their friend so they could meet the fictional Internet character "Slenderman," is scheduled to appear in court today for a competency hearing.
Argument Over Fire Pit Leads to Stabbing by Sword
Argument over fire pit leads one neighbor to stab another with a novelty sword, police say
California Killer Faces Additional Death Sentences
1 of LA's most prolific killers faces additional death sentences in killings dating to 1980s
Lucky Man Wins Lottery Twice
Indianapolis resident Robert Hamilton has the kind of luck that’s won him two separate $1 million lottery prizes in the span of three months. What are the odds of that?
Teen Hit by Car Had Been Startled by Woodchuck
Police: Teen was hit by car after woodchuck startled him along central New York road
Solid US Job Gains Expected for 6th Straight Month
A sixth straight month of solid 200,000-plus US job growth is expected for July
Expert: 'Mini Tornado' Caused Skydiver Death
Expert: 'Mini tornado' caused accident that killed New York skydiver and injured instructor
10 Things to Know for Today
10 Things to Know for Today
5 Things to Know This Morning: Patients Transported
Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.
Florida Preserve Brings Wolves, People Together
Florida preserve allows close human contact with wolves; some experts say it may be too close
Quotations in the News
Quotations in the News
Watch: Does That Crosswalk Button Actually Work?
ABC News' Ryan Owens lets Texas residents in on a secret about pushing the button to cross the street.
Watch: Thief Caught on Tape Stealing Package Off Doorstep
A homeowner's security cameras caught a man pulling up shortly after the package was left and nabbing it.
Watch: Day in Pictures: 7/31/14
Images from across the globe: Gaza Under Attack, Serbia Coal Mine Floods, Barcelona Protests Gaza Bombings, Ray Rice Makes Domestic Violence Apology
Watch: Ebola Outbreak Raises Concerns for Travelers; Ray Rice Apologizes Again
As U.S. warns against traveling to Ebola-hit countries, Ruth Bader Ginsburg addresses retirement rumors, and a gunman shoots his boss after recent demotion.
Watch: Ray Rice: 'My Actions That Night Were Totally Inexcusable'
The Baltimore Ravens player discusses events that happened in an Atlantic City Casino with his wife.
Watch: Quadriplegic Graphic Design Artist Proves That Obstacles Can Be Overcome
Tony Ramos pursued his dreams even though he was challenged as a result of a childhood bicycle accident.
Watch: Deadly Ebola Outbreak Spreads in West Africa
Fears of Ebola spread as 1 American is dead and 2 American aid workers infected.
Watch: U.N. School Bombed in Gaza; Prosecution Rests in 'Porch Shooting' Trial
As Israeli airstrikes blast Gaza, Obama takes on House GOP, and Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom allegedly get into scuffle.
Watch: Day in Pictures: 7/30/2014
Images from across the globe: Israel Strikes U.N. Refugees School, Crews Clean Up L.A. Water Main Break, Yemenis Protest Fuel Price Hikes
Watch: Investigators Hunt for 14-Year-Old Girl's Killer
Police believe a man on a motorcycle is responsible for the killing of April Millsap.
Full Episode: Nightline 07/30: Being Black and Struggling With Body Image
Body Image; Battleground Gaza; 'Batkid'
Full Episode: WN 7/30: Kelsey Grammer Confronts His Sister's Killer
Surge in cops killed on the job; water main break at UCLA.
Full Episode: This Week 7/27: US Evacuates Libyan Embassy
Guests: Donna Brazile, Tom Cole, S.E. Cupp, Robert Reich, Andrew Rosenthal
Full Episode: 2020 7/25: Losing It!
Feud Between Two Neighbors Ends in Death; Why People Lose It Waiting in Line; U.S. Senator Punches Fellow Senator in the Head

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