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Winter Weather Hits Parts of GA Hard

   Baxley and most of the surrounding areas seem to have escaped the winter storm with only a few icicles to show for it but parts of the state were not so lucky.

There are major jams on ALL the interstates in Atlanta. There have been several accidents and at least one reported as having fatalities. There was also one birth. Baby Grace's father and Officer Tim Sheffield helped the mother deliver the baby inside a car on I-285.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said, "Government, schools and business[es] closing at the same time, and releasing everybody out into the city was a mistake that we all were a part of,"

There are students stranded at both schools and inside school buses along their routes home.

Many motorist abandoned their vehicles and walked to exits where they took shelter inside of stores for the night.

All residents in the state have been encouraged to stay home due to a mix of cold and rain leading to possible ice accumulation on the roadways.


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