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Appling County Board of Education Regular Meeting

The Appling County Board members held a regular meeting on Monday July 14, 2014 at 6:00PM.
After a vote to adopt the agenda, they discussed that the millage rate would be set at a meeting on Monday August 11, 2014 at 6:00PM.  
The board reviewed scores from both CRCT and EOCT tests, which when compared to state scores were slightly lower. They plan to continue to improve scores through different measures including teacher training and workshops. 
The board states they are still investigating the school choice update. Some schools choose charter, but the board wants experts to come in and identify the best choices for Appling County.
State entitlements monies for renovations on the complex can be applied for this month July 2014.
Summer school score reports show a significant increase in scores for both reading and math for grades kindergarten through eighth grade.
Ellen Carter presented to the board on the need to purchase 3 HydroVection Ovens- one for Altamaha Elementary and two for Appling County High School. She stated with bulk purchasing the project would cost no more than $50,000. The money to purchase these would come from ESPLOST funding.
Voted to open three new positions- Nurse at Appling County Middle School, Math teacher at Appling County High School, and two paraprofessional positions.
Voted and approved Waymen Lewis as new SRO staff.
Approved out of state field trip to University of Tennessee for football players.  
Voted and took the low bid from Knight’s Saw for $6,791.15 for a new lawn mower.


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