08:31pm EST, 01/26/15
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Appling County Sheriff's Dept. Fighting in the War on Drugs

    Between January 18th and January 24th, seven arrest were made due to Violations of Georgia’s Controlled Substance Act (VGCSA) all as a result from Routine Traffic stops.
On January 18th Joshua Wayne Chesnut age 36, of Surrency was arrested and charged with 3 counts of violating the act along with possession of a drug related object.

On January 21st John Kenneth Wells, age 46 of Odum was arrested. He was charged with VGCSA Methamphetamine and Possession of Drug related Object

Also on the 21st three other people sharing a vehicle were taken into custody. Jarod Kendrell Mumford age 27, of Baxley 3 counts of VGCSA and adult seat belt violation. Priscilla Lee Collins, age 28 of Brunswick 2 counts of VGCSA and Crossing guard lines with drugs. Also Derek Anthony Williams age 35 of Baxley. Williams was driving without a license.
January 23rd Michael Shane Miles age 38 of Baxley was arrested and charged with VGCSA, marijuana and methamphetamine. He was also driving while license withdrawn and turning signals required.

The 24th of January garnered the arrest of William Gabriel Green age 22 of Baxley. Green was charged with VGCSA, marijuana and methamphetamine
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