10:34am EST, 12/19/14
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Initial Closing on Lake Tara

There are still “No Trespassing” signs posted around parts of  Lake Tara but a 2 acre portion of land surrounding the lake is officially owned by the county now. On Monday January 13th, the Board of Commissioners held a closing for the purchase with Ms. Kathy Deen. There will be a second closing held involving the actual lake with Tara Lake Inc.
  The purchase comes about due to the dam there being classified as a Category 1 by the state. Category 1 dams are those for which improper operation or dam failure would result in probable loss of human life.  Situations constituting 'probable loss of life' are those situations involving frequently occupied structures or facilities, including but not limited to, residences, commercial and manufacturing facilities, schools, and churches. The cost for repairs is estimated to be close to a million dollars. After concerns were expressed that if that large of an investment is to be made that the lake itself should be able to be used by the citizens of Appling County, it was decided that the lake and surrounding land be purchased.
  The total cost for the 50 acre lake and the 2 surrounding acres carries with it a $750,000 price tag.
  Repairs on the dam have not started yet but County Manager Lee Lewis hopes those will begin in the spring.
   Once the county owns it in full Appling county citizens will be allowed to enjoy fishing as well as boating there. However, boating will be limited to those vessels powered either by paddles or a trolling motor only.
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