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  • Morgan Wallen Fans Raise Money For Six “Entertainer Of The Year” Billboards In Nashville

Six fan-funded Morgan Wallen billboards popped up in Nashville on Monday, April 12, days ahead of the 2021 ACM Awards. The billboards are located around the downtown Nashville area, including several locations along the highly trafficked streets Broadway and West End Ave. According to a Wallen fan who wishes to remain anonymous, a group of Morgan Wallen supporters rallied together to start a social media campaign dubbed “Movement for Morgan” after he was canceled for his racial slur mistake.

The fans originally had a goal to purchase one billboard, but the total funds raised by Wallen fans far exceeded their expectations so they were able to purchase six billboards!! “This idea was really our way of trying to ‘right the wrong’ of cancel culture,” the fan shared.

“We just wanted to ‘Wallen-Paper’ Nashville during the week of the ACMs to show our support for Morgan!” Later adding, “We LOVE him and his music and we wanted to do the right thing! He is an incredibly talented young man and doesn’t deserve what he’s going through right now!”

The billboards, which were purchased via Lamar Advertising, will run through April 19, the day after the ACM Awards. Morgan has been dead silent on social media and as of writing has not commented on the Billboards. Guessing this bold statement from fans hit him right in the heart.  It’s good to be loved.