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We Thought You Might Like To Know 3/6/14

We Thought You Might Like To Know - Lake Tara

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We Thought You Might Like To Know 11/25/13

We Thought You Might Like To Know 11/21/13

We Thought You Might Like To Know 11/05/13

Mr. Al Graham live on Z-94

Mr. Al Graham joined us live on Z-94 to discuss the impact of The Affordable Care Act and how military death benefits were being denied during the current government shutdown on Friday October 11th, 2013.  Below are his comments and the phone calls he took.  Take a listen.


Mr. Graham is also encouraging everyone to contact your US Georgia representative and Senator.  Here's a full list of Georgia Representatives to contact:


1st District           Kingston, Jack    R            202-225-5831     (District in WBYZ-FM Listening area)
2nd District           Bishop Jr., Sanford D.          202-225-3631      
3rd District            Westmoreland, Lynn R        202-225-5901      
4th District            Johnson, Henry   D              202-225-1605       
5th District            Lewis, John         D              202-225-3801     
6th District            Price, Tom           R              202-225-4501     
7th District            Woodall, Robert   R              202-225-4272     
8th District          Scott, Austin       R              202-225-6531     (District in WBYZ-FM Listening area)
9th District            Collins, Doug      R               202-225-9893  
10th Distirct          Broun, Paul C.    R               202-225-4101     
11th District          Gingrey, Phil       R                202-225-2931  
12th Distirct        Barrow, John     D              202-225-2823     (District in WBYZ-FM Listening area)
13th District          Scott, David        D              202-225-2939    
14th District          Graves, Tom       R               202-225-5211     

Senator Chambliss, Saxby - (R - GA)              (202) 224-3521
Senator Johnny Isakson -    (R – GA)               (202) 224-3643

We The People Rise Up 05-16-13

We Thought You Might Like To Know 1/17/13

Al Graham's latest "We Thought You Might Like To Know"

Al on Golf Course 10-29-12

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