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Hi everyone, it's Wild Bill I have been in Country Radio for the past 12 years.  I've worked up and down the dial all over the country from South Dakota, Vermont, Michigan, Indiana to Minnesota.  I've worked mornings on Z-94 back in 2004 and then took a morning show job in Columbus GA in 2005.  I worked for Country station WKCN and stayed there for 2 years.  I married my lovely wife Marilyn just over the Georgia border.  Marilyn is from a little town called Smith Station, Alabama. I also became good friends with Alan Dupriest in Columbus GA while working with him in radio.   I did the unthinkable, I left the south and moved to Mankato Minnesota and worked for country station KYSM for 4 years.  My daughter Emma Elizabeth was born in Minnesota in 2008 and she is the love of our lives.  It sure is nice to be back home in Georgia being close to Family and friends.  I look forward to meeting and reconnecting with all of you!  

Interview with Dan Spencer from RedState.com


Dan Spencer is a contributor to the website RedState.com.  His recent article, "Romney extends lead among Independents to 14 percent" sheds a ton of light on polling and blowing up this notion that Romney and Obama are in a dead heat.  

Take a listen to the audio and post your comments below!


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07/13/2012 9:21AM
Interview with Dan Spencer from RedState.com
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07/13/2012 9:58PM
Dan Spencer
Good show Dan we need more positive interviews like that
07/13/2012 11:14PM
Violet Spencer
Way to go, son of mine !!!! Good words!!!
07/14/2012 9:33AM
linda laird
right on Dan sounds like you have facts to back up what you are saying! Keep up the good work!
07/15/2012 11:42AM
Good work Dan.
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