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Nasty email from Florida fan trashing Dawgs

by wildbill posted Oct 8 2012 11:03AM

Hey Wild Bill!

    How bout them Dawgs!!!  What a shameful performance this past Saturday.  They have to be the most underrated team in all of the SEC.  Them gamecocks spanked your puppies back into the stoneage.  Murray was terrible and I agree with Steve Spurrier’s comments about you could always count on them Dawgs having two or three key players suspended," 

   Dawg players are whiney little babies with a rap sheet and delusional fans.  They live in 1980 and think that anytime a player scores a touchdown or two they have the next Herschel Walker on their hands. Dawg fans are so pathetic, Aaron Murray’s and Christian Robbinson’s house even got egged and toilet paper rolled over the loss.   

   Saturday proved that the Dawgs are overrated and have not accomplished nor have learned anything from their past failures.  My Gators are going to chomp chomp you little puppies in the swamp in just a few weeks. 





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10/08/2012 10:16PM
Nasty email from Florida fan trashing Dawgs
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10/29/2012 2:06PM
Where is David Now!
Hi! David: Yes, how about them Dawgs!!!! Who may ask had a shameful performance last Saturday. Who has to be the most under rated team in all the SEC now!!! What was the score again? Who won? Oh prey tell Mr. David Mr trash talke out of somewhere beside your mouth!!! LOL We may have had a few that had been suspended but they came back and suspended your players with good solid hits!!! BAM!!!! I was at the game Mr. David from where I sat the only ones that was whiney big "ole" babies with sjorts and crocs on and very delusional were the gaturd fans exiting before the game was over!!! Talking about pathetic that was a site to be hold or were you there also Mr. David know it all about the Dawgs man and nothing about your own team!!! LOL Well, Saturday proved that the Dawgs are number 6 in BCS and has beat your team and we learned that we can beat your team again, too bad your team didn't!!! My Dawgs chomped,chomped,chomped,chewed,chewed,chewed you egg sukin gayturds back in your swamp!!! Go Dawgs!!!
10/30/2012 5:23PM
all i can say is fl didnt want the win at all because they gave it to us with very little fight.
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