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10 years ago, Paul Walker secretly bought an Iraqi vet's fiancee a $10,000 engagement ring.

He walked into Bailey Banks and Biddle Jewelers in Santa Barbara, Ca. and saw the couple looking through engagement rings. He overheard the cost of the ring and that it was too expensive for them.

The sales associate, Irene King, said "It was such a heartwarming story." He asked her to put their ring on his tab and to keep his identity a secret.

Kyle Upham, the Iraqi Vet, was preparing for a second tour in Iraq at the time. 

They kept the secret for 10 years, but wanted to share the story of his generosity since his passing. Irene King said, "His real life speaks volumes of his character. He really did put his money where his mouth is, and did good for this world."

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Moving Tribute Video To Paul Walker
Here's a moving tribute to Paul Walker
While investigators are trying to determine the circumstances surrounding Saturday's fatal single-car crash in theLos Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita, there are a few theories trickling out as to what could have been the cause. Did the Porsche Carrera GT malfunction? Was there another vehicle involved? Or did the driver simply lose control? (SOURCE: YAHOO!)
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Evidence of Car Malfunction

Sources close to the auto shop where the Paul Walker death car was maintained says a manufacturing defect must be to blame.

According to TMZ, sources point to a few details about the accident as strong evidence that there was a steering-fluid leak:

  • The short, straight skid marks suggest that the driver, Roger Rodas, had no control of the car -- otherwise, he would have tried to swerve.
  • The fire in the front points to some kind of leaking, flammable fluid, because the engine of the Porsche is in the back.
  • Rodas was known as a "world-class driver," so it's really unlikely that he would have just lost control -- even if he were speeding.

The sources say that the $500,000 car was not modified and was driven rarely, so any malfunction must be the fault of the manufacturer. 


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