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Alan DuPriest

 Alan DuPriest started his radio career in High School as an after school job for gas money and because his mother wanted him out of the house as much as possible. His life experience was summed up by a recent quote from Alan, who said, “I was born at a very early age. I worked through that and, with counseling, was able to turn that into a positive event in my life”.
His favorite color is “brick” and his hobbies include camping on his back porch and collecting thumb tacks.
You can join Alan on Z-94 weekdays from 6AM – 10AM and you will hear his unique perspective on just about any subject you want to bring up. That doesn’t mean you will understand him but please give him the benefit of the doubt.

Paul Harvey's, "If I were the Devil"

This morning Al Graham  shared Paul Harvey's 1966's "If I Were The Devil" and how it is relevant today.

Take a listen to the audio and post your comments below


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