The thought of Willie Robertson outselling Jason Aldean has the “Night Train” singer reaching for the antacid. In a recent radio interview, Jason said that, while he supports the upcoming Duck Dynasty Christmas compilationDuck the Halls, he considers that having the Robertsons as sales competition makes his stomach do flips.

Jason says, “They are really great people… I’m happy for all the success they’re having. Now, do I think they’re musicians? No! Not even a little bit. However, I think they’re so hot right now it doesn’t matter. They could put out anything and it’d probably sell a gazillion copies, so we’ll see. It’s going to make me nauseous if I look up and Willie Robertson has a platinum record hanging on his wall. That’s going to make me want to throw up.”

It's important to note that Jason co-owns Buck Commander with Willie, Luke Bryan and Major League Baseball players Adam LaRocheTom Martin and Ryan Langerhans. They all have matching Buck Commander tattoos to mark their business relationship.

Jason’s new concert DVD Night Train to Georgia is available now. Duck the Halls lands in stores on October 29th.