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Hi everyone, it's Wild Bill I have been in Country Radio for the past 12 years.  I've worked up and down the dial all over the country from South Dakota, Vermont, Michigan, Indiana to Minnesota.  I've worked mornings on Z-94 back in 2004 and then took a morning show job in Columbus GA in 2005.  I worked for Country station WKCN and stayed there for 2 years.  I married my lovely wife Marilyn just over the Georgia border.  Marilyn is from a little town called Smith Station, Alabama. I also became good friends with Alan Dupriest in Columbus GA while working with him in radio.   I did the unthinkable, I left the south and moved to Mankato Minnesota and worked for country station KYSM for 4 years.  My daughter Emma Elizabeth was born in Minnesota in 2008 and she is the love of our lives.  It sure is nice to be back home in Georgia being close to Family and friends.  I look forward to meeting and reconnecting with all of you!  

Posts from December 2012

Dierks Bentley and the infamous boot!

Dierks Bentley sharing memories of the Boot! 


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Funny Promo Video w/ Blake Shelton for NBC's The Voice
Fresh off his second win on The Voice with Cassadee PopeBlake Shelton is already at work plugging the next season, premiering March 25th on NBC. Blake, Adam Levine andCarson Daly star in a minute-long promo with new coaches Usher and Shakira, as they fight over the radio while on a joyride in Hollywood.  This week, Cassadee made her first TV appearances as the winner of season three, and Blake is confident she would do well in any genre. He tells People, “She’s got a lot of options. She’s adored by rock fans, pop fans, country fans. She connects with a lyric the way few people can. The door is wide open.”

If you have a Blake fan in the family, one gift idea would be his one-hour concert special Invitation Only. The DVD is out now and includes live performances of his top hits and a Q&A session before an intimate studio audience.

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Coming Together by Eric Erickson

Eric Erickson is the editor for Red State and also a political news contributor on CNN.  He wrote a great article concerning the Shooting tradgedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.  

Coming Together By Eric Erickson


At times like this we are told we must come together.  When you think about, we don’t, as a nation, come together much any more except in tragedy.

We used to come together as a nation during the Olympics, when we rooted for Americans. But in recent years we are too often lectured about the jingoism in rooting for America.

We used to come together as we sent men and women in to space, but we can’t much afford to do that any more and we don’t.

When we come together for most sporting events, we find ourselves divided among friends among teams.

We come together as a nation every four years to inaugurate the President, but it is as bitter and divisive as every.

About the only time we ever come together as a nation anymore is when savage tragedy happens. When men fly planes into tall buildings or gun down children or shoot up a movie theater, we gather, pray, and cry.

It is not healthy for a nation that its only acts of coming together are acts of tragedy, or even charity stemming from tragedy.

Our nation once shared a God who we all prayed to. Increasingly, the loudest voices in the nation are hostile to that God and those who worship him. The conversation at times of evil is immediately drown out by political opportunists seeking to drive their agenda. The news channels meditate on the nature of gun violence and gun restrictions or what other restrictions or laws can ever be used.

We do that, in part, because in times of helplessness it makes us feel like we can do something.

But we can do nothing in the face of evil until we confront evil itself.

The tragedy unfolding today is not an act of the insane, but an act of evil. That evil may drive the shooter insane, but in focusing on the insanity we lose focus on the evil.

There is really real good and there is really real evil in the world. Each time I have written that here on this site a vocal group of secularists and atheists have loudly chimed in to ridicule me for doing so.

They’ll do so again. But in this small window America has a real moment to assess why it is that it is careening out of control morally and socially. In that small window, instead of discussing the politics or the laws, we should discuss the evil and the good and the God from whom we have, as a nation. drifted so far.

It is not healthy for a nation to only come together at times like this. It is not healthy for a nation to come together at tragedy so far removed from God

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The Band Perry "Better Dig Two" VIDEO
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Have you met Arnold Schwarzenegger's Atlanta wife?

Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Atlanta “wife”

Atlanta actress Catherine Dyer played the wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in

Atlanta actress Catherine Dyer played the wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in "Ten."

We met a woman who had been Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife this week. She’s blonde, beautiful and lives right here in Atlanta. Although their union didn’t last, she had nothing but kind things to say.

“He was a doll,” said actress Catherine Dyer, who portrayed the wife of Schwarzenegger’s character in “Ten,” a gritty cop drama that filmed here this fall.

“He was lovely. He was chatty. He was very sweet,” Dyer said of her on-screen spouse. “There’s an endearing quality about him that I wasn’t expecting.”

Her film credits include roles in the made-in-Atlanta movies “The Blind Side,” starring Sandra Bullock, and “The Joneses,” starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny, but she had not met or worked with Schwarzenegger before “Ten.”

“I was in the makeup trailer getting my hair done and I heard the voice,” she said of the former California governor’s distinctive accent. “I turned around and said, ‘Hi, I’m your wife.’”

“Ten,” directed by David Ayer, is about a group of elite DEA agents battling members of a ruthless drug cartel. Without giving away the plot, we can tell you that Dyer’s role was physically and mentally demanding.

“I’m glad I go to the gym and am somewhat healthy,” she said. “I did a lot of yoga stretching. It was harrowing but fun.”

Catherine Dyer and her real-life husband, actor Jason MacDonald

Catherine Dyer and her real-life husband, actor Jason MacDonald

The movie, also starring Sam Worthington, Joe Manganiello, Olivia Williams andJosh Holloway, should hit theaters sometime next year. While she awaits the release date Dyer and her real-life husband, actor and restaurateur Jason MacDonald, are keeping busy working on other projects.

“We’ve been auditioning like crazy,” said MacDonald, whose film credits include roles in “Life as We Know It” and “The Joneses” and has appeared in episodes of numerous shows including “Necessary Roughness,” “Single Ladies,” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

The two were working in New York when they moved south in 2006 to help care for Dyer’s father, who died in October, thinking at the time that they were putting their acting careers on hold. In fact they came at the right time for professional as well as family reasons, as Georgia’s tax incentives for film projects kicked in just a couple of years after they arrived.

“Let’s hope it keeps going strong,” Dyer said. “Keep those tax incentives going.”

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Brad Paisley World Premiere of Video for "Southern Comfort Zone"
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Interview w/ Darryl Worley

Darryl Worley joined me on my show to talk about his new album, "Darryl Worley Country Christmas"  Listen to the interview and make comments below.  


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Diaper Dandies!

Watch as Jake Owen gets pranked by CMT on Tour openers Love and Theftand Florida Georgia Line. The groups stormed the stage in adult diapers and pacifiers, congratulating Jake on becoming a father.

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Interview with Robert Stacy McCain from the American Spectator

Robert Stacy McCain from the American Spectator joined me today to talk about Saxby Chambliss' comments regarding him stepping away from his no-tax pledge and the future of his U.S Senate seat.  Listen to the audio and post comments below.  

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