An artists child was just 3 doors down from the shooter

Hearing the news this morning about the Route 91 Harvest Festival tragedy was heartbreaking.  Then finding out that a close friend of mine and Z-94’s very own Dee Jay Silver had a room on the 32nd floor and his son Wake was just 3 doors down from the shooter is just mine blowing to me.  My thoughts and prayers are with John and his wife Jenna, Jason Aldean’s camp and everyone else who has been injured or lost loved ones during this horrific event.



Wake is our whole soul & reason for living. He was in our room at Mandalay Bay last night, 3 doors down from the shooter on the 32nd floor. While John & I were at the festival, ducking behind buses, not knowing what was happening & fearing for our lives, our sweet baby slept through the horrific sounds coming from just down the hall that have now forever changed us. Thank you to the first responders who beat the door in & to my Aunt Mary who was watching him & protecting him all the way to safety. We were separated for the most traumatic several hours of my life while John & I & everyone from Jason’s camp did what they could to reunite our family & help those who weren’t nearly as lucky as us. My mom was also separated from us but was safe & is back with us. I’m still in shock & having a hard time gathering proper words for those who didn’t make it & their families. I can’t fathom the pain. Thank you to everyone who helped the injured so selflessly. Not everyone, including myself, is that brave. We are holding each other tight today & everyday. It’s time to just love each other. ????

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